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Contemporary Twist on Muji Living


296A Bukit Batok Skyline, Singapore



"We design, We Build"

Step into a space inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of Muji, the space harmonizes mid-tone wood accents and soothing neutral tones, creating a serene ambiance. Enhanced by the warmth of wood vinyl flooring.


Natasha Riduwan

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The shoe cabinet doubles as a storeroom while offering open shelving to showcase cherished frames and plants. Crafted with the charm of wood texture, concealing its purpose while enhancing the ambiance.

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TV console seamlessly merges with the soft neutral hues of the space, while subtle terrazzo patterns add a captivating touch of sophistication.

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Where the timeless elegance of grey quartz, the soothing allure of soft neutrals, and the warmth of mid-tone wood converge to create a space that is both inviting and harmonious. 

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A wardrobe that perfectly complemented by a refreshing green wall. 

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