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32 Frankel Terrace


Siglap, Singapore


"You design, We Build"

A home designed to serve its unique purpose while fostering a sense of togetherness and connectivity among family members, creating an environment that encourages chance encounters and meaningful connections at every turn


Featured in CNA Luxury channel news asia

Collaboration with Chark Private Ltd 

31Aug 32FrankelTerrace4421 rev hi.jpg

Each element is carefully chosen to enhance the sense of visual porosity and seamless flow of space, while also maximizing the abundance of natural light that fills every corner of the home.

31Aug 32FrankelTerrace4211 rev hi.jpg
31Aug 32FrankelTerrace4175 rev hi.jpg
31Aug 32FrankelTerrace4315 rev hi.jpg
5Sep FT5017 rev hi.jpg
31Aug 32FrankelTerrace4379 rev hi.jpg

Tying together the various elements of the interior and enhancing the flow of space both horizontally and vertically. Together, they create a sanctuary of serenity and style—a place where light, warmth, and beauty come together to create a truly timeless living experience.

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