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Nordic Nook


Blue Horizon Condo, Singapore



Collaboration with Chark Private Ltd 

"You design, We Build"

White space, thoughtful and deliberate decision-making to optimize visual communication and create impactful experiences.
Breathing room for visual elegance and clarity. It fosters simplicity, balance, and a timeless sense of calm.

_BH 14_hi_EDIT.jpg
_BH 04_hi_EDIT.jpg

A gentle ambiance that enhances the cozy atmosphere of the Nordic nook.

_BH 32_hi_EDIT.jpg
_BH 05_hi_EDIT.jpg
_BH 25_hi_EDIT.jpg
_BH 10_hi_EDIT.jpg

where the clean lines of white laminates and light wood accents are complemented by the sophistication of grey furnishings, creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere with a Nordic touch.

_BH 18_hi_EDIT.jpg
_BH 23_hi_EDIT.jpg
_BH 19_hi_EDIT.jpg
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