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The Art of White space


Neptune Court



Collaboration with Chark Private Ltd 

"You design, We Build"

White space, thoughtful and deliberate decision-making to optimize visual communication and create impactful experiences.
Breathing room for visual elegance and clarity. It fosters simplicity, balance, and a timeless sense of calm.

NC5932 hi (1) copy.jpg
01 (2) copy.jpg

Transforming space with soft drapes that have replaced the once-solid brick walls, offering the flexibility to partition or merge the spaces.

NC5858 hi copy.jpg
NC5973 hi copy.jpg

Subdued tones and gentle curves.

NC5874 hi copy.jpg
NC5977 hi (1) copy.jpg

with a light pink hue that complements the airy environment seamlessly.

NC5968 hi (2) copy.jpg
NC5924 hi copy.jpg
NC5963 hi (1) copy.jpg
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